Welcome to iBooks.co.uk.  This site will be developed in the future to provide an online resource about buying and selling books.  We will be focusing on all types of books from leading online retailers.  There will be updates, relevant information, articles together with details of where to find some of best deals from all sorts of advertising and affiliate partners.

Books in all there types, hardback, softback, e-books, latest novels, are still as popular as ever. One major benefit other than price of the internet is that it has made it easier for readers to track down those hard to find or out of print books that in past would have taken many trips to different bookshops to find.  Now that searching can be done for you simply by checking out some our partners sites. 

Books hold a special place in most peoples hearts, in that from little children to old age, there is something for everyone.  Some thought the internet would be a 'threat' to books and peoples interest in books, it is true that owners of traditional bookshops have had a torrid time, but for most people the internet has simply opened up a wider range of opportunities to find that special book.  Please visit us here again and we will update this site with the latest news.

At the moment this is a holding page as we are busy developing some 30 other sites as part of an affiliate marketing project. Once we completed these and analysed the results we will come back to this site and develop it further.

List Of Other Sites

We also added some page to detail our experiences with reference to generating an online income through affiliate marketing.  We will also review the good, the bad and ugly side of what is out there and as you can probably guess the 'bad guys' out there always manage to get there message out there the loudest.


Affiliate Marketing


Thank you for visiting iBooks.co.uk, please come back at later date when this site has been properly launched, iBooks.co.uk May 2011.